Ammonium Bisulphite - 60%

Ammonium Bisulphite

Ammonium bisulphite – 60% solution also known as Ammonium Hydrogen sulphite. It is used as an Oxygen scavenger to eliminate the dissolved oxygen in waste water and pipes. It also used in oil field industries.


Oxygen Scavenger, Water treatment chemicals, Oilfield industries, food additive, in caramel color manufacturing industries, Agro industries, Pharmasutical and Laboratory chemicals.


  • CAS: 10192 - 30

  • Formula: NH4HSO3

  • Molecular weight: 99.10

  • Specific gravity:1.360 to 1.370

  • Appearance: Clear yellowish Transparent liquid

  • Assay % NH4HSO3: 60% (minium)

  • pH: 4.75 to 5.25

  • Assay as SO2 by mass: 39 to 41 %

Production Capacity: 200 MT.

Standard Packaging : 275 Kg. HDPE drums.

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